We are all points of light.

Our spirit radiates light. Take a fishing net and drop the mesh into the water. When you pull the net out the sunlight reaches each of the woven points, where a droplet of water sends out a rainbow of colored light.  Our families are our net; our safety, support, and love. We are individuals but we are each connected with others through the weavings of the net.

A net is made up of many strands knit together. A mesh is created by the weaving of twine or filament as it is looped over other strands. At each intersection there is a double knot that connects the woven strands to other woven strands. Each of us is represented by an intersection on the net, and we are connected to all of our family members throughout the net. Our net can be made up of ancestors and  descendants.  Or you may chose to put friends or co-workers in your net. The net is our collection of our relationships in the world. And remember that the first relationship that you have is with yourself.

If our families have been harsh or mean or authoritative, then our net can have rips and tears in it. Then our work is to mend our net to realize more functionality for us. We may mend by reweaving, adding new threads or just sewing around the hole. On this website we will be having discussions about how to reweave and reshape our family nets. Although we always remain an individual light, as we mend our net we can refashion it into a shape that will support us in the best possible manner for our highest and best good.

As a teenager, I prided myself on being able to listen, hear an instructor, and then write down the most important ideas from the teacher.  My notes were valuable to me because I could use them to recall the information given to me.  I could determine what to keep and what not to.  I reviewed lectures just by reading my notes, and then was ready for the test.  My blog is a form of note taking; these are healing notes written to myself and to you.  My hope is that you find new definitions and imagine new realities by reading my notes.  New explanations introduce different possibilities of what could be, what was, and what will be.  If we alter our perceptions, we are practicing alchemy, one of the highest forms of transformation.

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