Full Moon Ceremonies

This post first appeared on New Connexion on June 25, 2014.

full_moon_water_640Our fascination with the changing orb in the sky causes us to stand in wonder of how to pay homage to our night time partner. Full Moon Ceremonies are a way to honor the moon with traditions, customs, or invocations. Actions that we perform in a set manner can create a ceremony. Ceremonies commemorate special events and add significance to them. When we create ceremonies in the privacy of our homes or with our friends we choose what activities to incorporate. With the Full Moon rising upon us, it is a wonderful time to reflect and gather new energies for the coming season.

The new moon or Dark Moon was June 27th. The dark moon is when the moon is hidden from our sight, between the Earth and Sun. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, new growth, new creation. It can be a beginning point for starting a new project or choosing what to manifest in the next month or next year. The span of the new moon is three days. Then we move into the Waxing Moon; a time for gathering your energies, laying the foundation for your work, or strengthening the body and emotions. The Waxing Moon’s span of time is seven to ten days after the new moon. Then we come to the full moon. Full Moon is when the moon is flooded with reflected sun light, star light, and some Earth light. You might notice increased psychic ability or more intuitive dreams. The next full moon is scheduled for July 12. The Full Moon is the time to release your wishes into the universe, release your plans, or intentions. It is a time of magic, fertility, dreams, intuition, and transformative energy.

I draw tarot cards most mornings to see how my day will go or what to be aware of. Thinking about the moon ceremony I drew Raven from the Medicine Card deck. Raven is Magic. Raven is black as night, dark as the moon and the First Peoples viewed the Raven as a messenger. Raven can carry your wishes and intentions from the ceremony and propel that energy forward into the dark mystery.

The next card I drew was from the Mother Peace deck. It was the Ten of Cups. The image on this card has a double rainbow, a waterfall, ten cups, and ten acolytes raising their hands to the heavens. Ten is transformation. It is communication with Spirit. This card shows the joyful gratitude the community has for the blessings they have been given. It is union with self, community, and cosmos. It is giving thanks for being with the Divine. Raven and Ten of Cups had come to be of assistance. So you, too, may want to think of these symbols when you start your ceremony.

In the evening, and hopefully there will be a full moon rising that you can view, gather some special items together for an altar. Then light some incense and smudge. Ground and breathe in and out a few times, and give thanks for all that you have. Join hands with your fellow journeyers. Drum or rattle your helping spirits in and ask for their help and blessings. Then send the prayers that you have been gathering for the last few weeks into the air, on the wings of Raven to Spirit with the blessing of Moon. If you have a Raven feather hold it in your hand while you are making your prayers. Afterwards place it on your altar for it has been imbued with the energy of the ceremony and will remind you of your intentions. If you don’t have a raven feather, for they are rare, you may use another feather in absentia. Now stand and feel the joy emanating from the silvery light of the moon. Give thanks and close your circle with this prayer. It is a prayer or invocation that I wrote from a previous ceremony.

Moon Goddess Invocation

Bringer of light, bringer of tides and healer of emotions-

We thank you for your gifts to us

We thank you for your love, wisdom, and understanding.

You offer us regeneration.

You offer us the dark mystery by looking into our unconsciousness

in our dreams and the watery realms.

And now we offer you our deepest gratitude with our prayers and a gift of cornmeal.

Then sprinkle some cornmeal on the earth in front of you or in the circle that you are in or on your altar, and let it stay there for the time of the full moon.

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