MENDING THE NET Book Signing, Jan’s Paperbacks, May 9th, 1-4 pm

Jan’s Paperbacks is a new and used book store located at: 18095 SW Tualatin Valley Highway, Aloha, OR 97006. Please come visit me and talk about questions you have for healing the Self of old family dysfunctions and how to become the light soul that you are!

Mending the Net walks you through many exercises on the path of healing so that you can transmute your trauma and hurt and move forward to create a loving family. With new awareness you create a new paradigm that breaks the old and unhealthy patterns from your past and ancestor lineage. Learn to recognize and break the old pattern of being parentized. Release old negative emotions through writing and experiential exercises. Re-dream your future. New awareness brings in new emotions. This is transmutation.

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