We must first start with awareness. Next is observation of our actions within the boundaries of family. If we are not happy with our interactions, then we need to get on the path of change. When we question what we observe and feel, our journey becomes one of redefining and remaking our emotional and mental environment.

We all have behavior patterns that we depend on and use daily; getting up first, making the coffee, setting the table for cereal, rushing out the door, coffee cup in hand, a quick kiss on the cheek for your partner. Some days are jam packed with not a moment’s rest, yet your partner recognizes your contributions.  But what if you are not recognized by your partner and you just want emotional boost from a parent, after all they’ve already walked your path with house, children, job, stress. But  when you call your parent your words are cut off or you are berated for not having a better job or you’re told that it’s your fault the children misbehave. Your parent does not recognize your efforts or you or you. How sad!

Sometimes when we are mad or sad or furious or fearful, we stuff the emotions. In a crisis situation it is in our best interests we take care of the crisis at hand, and not give in to our fears then. This is a positive human trait. But if  we have not gone back to those negative emotions to release them from our energy sphere, then the old stagnant darkness settles into our fields and we get heavier and heavier. This is why daily meditation, daily running, dancing, journaling, or daily dream memory recall are helpful activities to clear our energy pathways. This keeps us light. Sometimes we have to ask for special assistance to help alleviate our symptoms of heaviness and darkness. That is when we call out to our helpers, in spirit or physical form, to come to our aid, to be of service to us, so that we can be of service to others.

Repatterning old negative emotions and thoughts is how we move ourselves to the light.  Sometimes we have to revisit an ingrained pattern passed down from our lineage, more than one time. It is not always in our best interests to release all old thought forms and emotions at once. Sometimes it’s better to gradually learning how to incorporate the new. This gives us the opportunity to truly incorporate the new patterns into our being and essence.

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