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The Perfect Moment

the Perfect Moment 001My husband and I haven’t travelled much lately or taken many vacations, but we were given the opportunity to spend some time with friends in a foreign land. We were able to experience other sights and sounds and vistas that are not part of our daily norm. We took lots of pictures, thinking that we were capturing all that we were seeing. And on our return home I reviewed in my mind’s eye some of the highlights for me. And I shared with my husband that I really had loved the way the wind had blown the gauzing curtains in our fanciest hotel room. It was a corner room and I could look out over green fields, and trees, and see stone medieval buildings with red tile roofs below us. The wind moved the curtains and the green fields were revealed behind the billowing white gauze. It was beautiful. I felt peaceful, happy, content and my husband agreed that he too felt the perfect moment-ness. But back home when I looked at all of our photos, I noticed that I had not taken a picture of that view. How was I going to remember its perfectness if I didn’t have a photo of it? Now that moment is a memory stored, to be spoken of and thought of in our mind only.

My mother-in-law told me that one of her most precious memories with her first husband, my husband’s father, was when they were traveling and looked into a valley, held hands, and said to each other it doesn’t get any better than this, to see the vista, to be together. And she had no pictures of that moment. It was only her telling me about it that I even knew it existed.

How does one know when one is having a perfect moment? Life gives us a kaleidoscope of moments. How do we recognize the times, the moment, when we know that we are happy to be alive and experiencing life, earth, togetherness, aloneness, love? And what of all those perfect moments that come upon us, and we don’t recognize their perfectness?

I strive for the awareness to be able to recognize those perfect moments.