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Swinging in the Rain

MTN.Girl on SwingSwinging in the rain, swinging into a white rainbow. What would it feel like to swing through a white waterfall mist or a mist made by a white rainbow? The water particles just touch your face in a fine cloud as you swing back and forth, and it is warm from the sun, and the light is refracted into all the colors: white. Laughing into the sun shine, happy to be alive, connected to self and Nature. Sometimes we forget about the child parts of our self. It is so refreshing and reinvigorating to be reminded of those feelings of joy or happiness that came to us when we were young. I remember swinging on the swings when I was little, it was so much fun and so freeing. It felt limitless, it almost weightless at the height of the swing.

Recently I was at the beach enjoying the sand, sea, wind and rain with some friends and during my meditations two younger parts of myself come back to me. A spontaneous soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is the shamanic description of what happens when you reintegrate parts of self that might have become disconnected, trapped or lost through trauma or distress. I had a younger child, age three, crawl into my lap and a naked young teenage girl come sit with me. I took their hands in mine. We walk together now, sit on my lap as I read a story. I am grateful for the experiences, to be alive, to be present. I open my arms wide to greet the day and give thanks. Is dancing in the rain on the street under the lamppost, happy to be alive, like swinging in the rain?

Do you have a younger self that may need to return to you? To be reintegrated, loved, and appreciated? Traditional societies would take care of lost soul parts almost immediately after a shocking event. Today we just say, buck up, get over it, you’ll be okay. To reclaim lost parts of self pay attention to what those younger parts might have missed and may need now. Take a moment to honor any younger part of you who would like to be loved and cared for and noticed and reintegrated again.

Blessings. Sat nam.

MTN.Girl on Swing