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Swinging in the Rain

MTN.Girl on SwingSwinging in the rain, swinging into a white rainbow. What would it feel like to swing through a white waterfall mist or a mist made by a white rainbow? The water particles just touch your face in a fine cloud as you swing back and forth, and it is warm from the sun, and the light is refracted into all the colors: white. Laughing into the sun shine, happy to be alive, connected to self and Nature. Sometimes we forget about the child parts of our self. It is so refreshing and reinvigorating to be reminded of those feelings of joy or happiness that came to us when we were young. I remember swinging on the swings when I was little, it was so much fun and so freeing. It felt limitless, it almost weightless at the height of the swing.

Recently I was at the beach enjoying the sand, sea, wind and rain with some friends and during my meditations two younger parts of myself come back to me. A spontaneous soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is the shamanic description of what happens when you reintegrate parts of self that might have become disconnected, trapped or lost through trauma or distress. I had a younger child, age three, crawl into my lap and a naked young teenage girl come sit with me. I took their hands in mine. We walk together now, sit on my lap as I read a story. I am grateful for the experiences, to be alive, to be present. I open my arms wide to greet the day and give thanks. Is dancing in the rain on the street under the lamppost, happy to be alive, like swinging in the rain?

Do you have a younger self that may need to return to you? To be reintegrated, loved, and appreciated? Traditional societies would take care of lost soul parts almost immediately after a shocking event. Today we just say, buck up, get over it, you’ll be okay. To reclaim lost parts of self pay attention to what those younger parts might have missed and may need now. Take a moment to honor any younger part of you who would like to be loved and cared for and noticed and reintegrated again.

Blessings. Sat nam.

MTN.Girl on Swing

Healing Forward

oregon-coast_1152x864_27616This is a generational family healing site. It is a place to examine where we have come from, so that we can keep the best and let go of the rest. That’s called ‘high grading’ in the lumber mills. “Cut the best, leave the rest”. Keep the best attributes from your generational legacy and return to your past generations whatever you do not want to carry forward.

You are a beacon of light at the nexus point between your ancestors of the past and your lineage in the future. As you stand in your place, healed, brightly lit, you can look back and see behind you one line that emanates from your shoulder that is your mother’s line and one line from the other shoulder which is your father’s line. If you look in front of you, you see your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren. When you heal yourself, you send healing back to your ancestors and you send healing forward to the future generations. Your light illuminates the lines behind you and the lines in front of you and turns the Earth into a beacon of lights.

This website is about healing Self; we who are at the nexus point between 7 generations behind us and 7 generations in front of us. When we heal ourselves, we pass down to future generations; health, love, joy and light. When we heal ourselves, we are healing forward for the next generations, and we are healing past on our ancestor line.  When we heal ourselves, we alter the pain, sadness, misery, anger and angst that we have received from our lineage. When we heal ourselves, we are gifting our Self, we are gifting our children, and we are gifting our past.

Different inter-generational topics will be reviewed. There will be suggestions of new methods to effect emotional, mental, and psychological healing.  This is a gathering of new ideas that you can use as you go forward to transform your energies for healing yourself and your family.   Among the Native American traditions, the Great Law of the Iroquois states that “in every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation…” This belief states that decisions and actions that we make today ripple forward and affect those who will be living in the future.

Many of us have addiction, abandonment, rigidity, sternness, and anger or abuse in our lineage.  These pains have been passed down to us from our parents. But we do not need to send these pains to our children. As we step to the front line of our ancestry, we can have the goal to not pass down these hurts, but to only pass down the true clear essence of goodness from our parents and grandparents and great grandparents. We all have to separate the wheat from the chaff, letting the chaff fall to the ground and keeping the kernels of the authentic emotions of grace, kindness and love.  By looking at our own foibles and coming clean, we can walk the road of authenticity, transform our pain and grief, and break the patterns from our childhoods.  We can alter patterns that we do not wish to transfer to our children. We can release the past pain from previous generations, shift our beliefs or damaging judgments, and label unresolved issues so that we can transform the energy of our lineage.

We are healing ourselves forward so that our children will not have to carry our old burdens. Good luck and much fortitude for your journey!