The King’s Robbers-or-How to Be Flexible

Light BoxOnce upon a time, for this is how all fairy tales start, there was a mighty king who called in his chief holy man to his presence. It was a custom in the king’s mighty kingdom to have a ceremony when the king turned of a certain age to prove to all of his people that he had royal blood. The king asked his oracle to please give him the tiny cut on his small finger to show that he was of royal blood. The holy man agreed and many attended the grand ceremony and the holy man raised the knife to prick the king’s finger, but the knife slipped and instead of a nick the king lost half of his little finger. The king was furious and banished the holy man. The holy man said to him, but you will be saved by this injury and come to thank me.

After the king’s finger healed he decided to hunt in the woods for a wild boar with his party of attendants. But something went wrong. The king’s horse was spooked, reared up, the king fell off to the ground, and the horse ran off. The king was now separated from his party, vulnerable, dirty, disheveled from the fall. He heard a band of horses coming and scampered up a nearby tree. A group of robbers gathered beneath his tree. The king heard them saying that they were looking for a human sacrifice for their god of war and the sacrifice had to be perfect. This sacrifice would keep their band strong and brave and able to win in all of their mauradings. The king clung to the tree in his fear, but then he was espied by one of the robbers and they made him come down. The robbers also had another thief from a different band with them. They tied both the thief and the king to the tree to decide who to sacrifice. But they could not choose the king! He was not perfect. His little finger was gone! And so they let him go.

The king went home, elated, relieved, thankful. He found that old holy man and honored him for the rest of his remaining days.

So maybe we each have a flaw. Maybe we have some part of our self that we are not happy with. A part that we feel is not perfection. Maybe we have not yet learned how that part of our self can save us in the future. Some part of our self which we will be honoring and thanking for the rest of our lives.

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